GaDia is focusing on the development of innovative rapid diagnostic tests for hospitals mainly in the field of infectiology.

With our expertise in developing lateral flow assay (LFA) and rapid test for in vitro diagnostic, GaDia SA can support you in the development of your diagnostic test.

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R&D Projects

Fungal infection (FungaDia)

On going project for a predictive rapid test for differentiation of fungal healthcare-acquired infections (nosocomial disease).

Bacterial infection (NosoCheck)

Revolutionary test for the detection of sepsis caused by bacteria.

Rapid result to differentiate the cause of infection.

Rapid detection of antibiotic resistance

Parasitic infections (ParaCheck)

Revolutionary test for the detection of parasitic infections in developing countries

Rapid result to differentiate the cause of infection.

Viral Infection – COVID-19 (COVIDia)

COVIDia – Antibody
COVIDia – Antigen


External R&D Projects


Gastrointestinal disease and food allergy/intolerance

Scientific publications

Ducrest et al. 2019, Rapid detection of Bacillus ionophore cereulide in food products. Sci Rep 9, 5814

Ducrest 2020, Development and evaluation of a new IgM/IgG rapid diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2

Ducrest et al. 2021, Performance evaluation of the Simtomax®CoronaCheck rapid diagnostic test. Journal of Virological Methods

Ducrest 2021, Development and Evaluation of a new Swiss Made SARS-CoV-2 antigen-detecting rapid test